Policy frames and implementation problems:
The case of gender mainstreeming
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MAGEEQ will pursue the following scientific objectives:

  • construct a conceptual framework to map out the various dimensions of gender equality policy frames;
  • improve methods for assessments of the (in)consistencies between various policy levels, in the field of gender equality policies, especially for Gender Mainstreaming;
  • improve evaluation design and methodology for gender equality policies and especially for Gender Mainstreaming;
  • present material for the future development and implementation of gender equality policies in view of the EU’s Enlargement and the Charter of Fundamental Rights by using a framework on gender inequality built on knowledge from both Member States and candidate countries;
  • further develop & apply frame analysis as an innovative paradigm in explaining policy dynamics which addresses shortcomings of both rational actor & pluralist paradigms;
  • offer and communicate knowledge on processes of exclusion connected to policy frames on gender inequality;
  • re-engage citizens, by stimulating high level debates on gender inequality as a policy problem, including academic experts on gender, politicians and policy makers;
  • include knowledge generated in these debates in the final analysis;
  • contribute to the further development of gender studies.
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