Policy frames and implementation problems:
The case of gender mainstreeming
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Framing gender inequality across Europe:
Challenges for gender mainstreaming

International conference in the framework of the MAGEEQ project ‘Policy frames and implementation problems: the case of gender mainstreaming’
Berlaymont Building (Room S2-50), rue de la Loi, 200
Brussels, November 9th 2005

The conference presented the results from the MAGEEQ project to a larger public of policy-makers, politicians, feminist activists, NGOs and academics in policy sciences and gender studies, with an eye on potential implications for future policy making

Preliminary programme

9:00-9:30 registration and coffee
9:30-9:40 Opening of the conference by Agnès Hubert, member of the Bureau of European Policy Advisers (BEPA) of the European Commission.
9:40-9:50 Introduction by Giulia Amaducci, research officer at the European Commission in charge of MAGEEQ
9:50-10:15 General presentation of MAGEEQ by Mieke Verloo (IWM, Vienna and Radboud University Nijmegen) & Maro Pantelidou Maloutas ( University of Athens, EKKE)
10:15-11:05 Gender inequality in politics, presented by Emanuela Lombardo (Universidad Complutense Madrid)& Vlasta Jalusic (Mirovni Institute Ljubljana).
Discussant Maria Stratigaki, Pantheion University Athens
11:05-11:55 Family policy, presented by Petra Meier (Radboud University Nijmegen) & Viola Zentai (CEU, Budapest).
Discussant to be announced
11:55-12:10 coffee
12:10-13:10 Domestic violence and prostitution, presented by Maria Bustelo (Universidad Complutense Madrid) & Birgit Sauer (IWM and University of Vienna).
Discussants Hedy d’Ancona (former Minister Netherlands, former EP-member) and Maria Rösslhumer (WAVE)
13:10-14:30 lunch
14:30-15:05 Homosexual rights, presented by Raquel Platero (Universidad Complutense Madrid).
Discussant Joke Swiebel (former civil servant, EP 1999-2004).
15:05-16:00 Migration and antidiscrimination, presented by Conny Roggeband (Radboud University Nijmegen and Free University Amsterdam) & Andrea Kriszan (CEU, Budapest).
Discussant to be announced


16:15-16:30 Juliet Webster, policy reviewer on employment and gender
16:30-17:15 presentation of the main conclusions of the day and translating each of them into challenges for gender mainstreaming (by Mieke Verloo), these challenges will be handed over to the chair of the Committee on Women’s Rights of the EP, Anna Zaborska.
17:15 end of the conference
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