Policy frames and implementation problems:
The case of gender mainstreeming
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Departamento de Ciencia Politica y de la Administración
Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM) / Spain

Research Team:

Maria Bustelo
Research and Project Manager
Emanuela Lombardo
Senior Researcher
Raquel Platero
Junior Researcher
Elin Peterson
Junior Researcher

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The Department of Political Science and Public Administration is one of the twelve Departments of the School of Political Sciences and Sociology of the Complutense University of Madrid.

In the Department, thirty-eight professors teach and research various areas of political science and sociology. The Departments offers sixty-two undergraduate courses in Political Science and Public Administration, Sociology and Public Administration and Management programmes. It also offers three PhD programmes in Political Conflict and Negotiation Processes, Government and Public Administration, and Public Administration.

Teaching and research interests include political parties and systems, parliamentarianism, political conflicts, public policies, administrative reforms, strategic planning and new planning management.

One of the specific research fields of the Department is Gender Studies, especially in the areas of European and national citizenship and political identities, gender equality public policies and parliamentarianism: the latter includes research projects on the structure, composition and dynamics of the Regional Parliament in the Region of Madrid.

The Department also collaborates in interdepartmental activities and courses related to Gender Studies, including a PhD programme on Gender Studies, and post-graduate courses on Violence against Women, Gender and Development, and - in collaboration with the University’s Institutes of Feminist Investigations and Development and Co-operation - European Gender Public Policies.

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