Policy frames and implementation problems:
The case of gender mainstreeming
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Center for Policy Studies / Central European University / Hungary

Research Team:

Violetta Zentai
Research and Project Manager
Andrea Krizsan
Senior Researcher
Bernadett Koles
Junior Researcher

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The Center, which was established at CEU in March 2000, is concerned with social research and its policy implications. It concentrates on issues of importance to the social and economic restructuring of Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States and related to the mission of building open societies. Located at CEU, the Center seeks to enhance the university's status as an institution that accumulates regional knowledge and stimulates critical thinking about public policy issues. It strives to develop a better understanding and utilization of the relationship between research and policy. Through regular workshops, comparative research projects, and related activities, CPS provides a forum for the discussion and dissemination of the policy implications of research. The Center's aim is to improve the policy environment in the region by diversifying the sources of public policy input.

The first issues CPS proposes to examine are the interface between globalisation and regionalisation; regional sustainability; trans-national co-operation; governance and public administration; discrimination and equal opportunities, and the delivery of public health. The Center relies on the intellectual resources of CEU to design and implement its research initiatives. In exchange, the Center is designing a public policy degree program for CEU, envisioned to start in 2003, to enhance the university’s academic scope and social relevance.

The Center provides professional support (training, mentoring, networking) to an affiliated International Policy Fellowship Program in which gender inequality is a topic of primary importance. The Center’s staff has assisted the launching of the "Equal Opportunities For Women and Men in the European Accession Program" initiated by the Open Society Institute. The program monitors the legal and policy adaptation of candidate countries to EU standards in the related field. The Center is contributing to an interdepartmental endeavour that aims to highlight problems of poverty embedded into social diversity along ethnicity, gender, age, etc.

The Centre cooperates closely with the Department of Gender Studies at CEU. The Department offers graduate education in gender studies for students from the humanities and social sciences. It promotes integrative, interdisciplinary and comparative approaches to women's and gender studies on a regional and global basis. The Department is involved in various professional and societal programs aimed at providing a multi-focal critique of gender asymmetries and hierarchies in the areas of social and cultural inequality and injustice.

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